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Rating: 4.5 / 5
Found: 2003
Daily: 20,000+
User Base: 0.45 Million + Singles
Visti Site: www.Elitesingles.com

The biggest advantage of elite singles is the number of elite users on the site. It is an Internet elite matchmaking service for elite singles. According to statistics, more than 55 percent of users on the site are elite paying users over 40. If you want to date an elite single, this website will be a great option.

The site's matching system is very unique. You don't need to browse other users' profiles manually, you can also find the elite pairs interested in. Elite singles match you with your most relevant users through smart operations in the background. Is this a valid match? Don't worry, hundreds of thousands of users have found their elite date through this matchmaking website. The site's successful matching data is the best proof.

Elite singles' membership is charged monthly. Of course, the site designed free membership for users. But free members can enjoy limited functionality. Here's a look at the following:

For one month, the price is $59.95. This is the basic membership system. You can try all the elite dating services.

Three months 'pay system. If the user buys a membership for three months at a time, the price will go from $34.95 a month to $29.95.

Six month payment system. If the user is able to buy a six-month member, the price offered by the site will change from the original $ 24.95 per month to the current $ 19.95.

One year membership system. If the user becomes an annual paid user at once, then the site offers very favorable price: $14.95 per month.

There's no denying that advanced subscriptions are really good value for money. Because it is more able to withstand the test of time. Elite Single provides more than 30 advanced matching schemes for paid users to help pay users find more accurate matches.

Its unique match function.

Elite singles is designed with a very detailed questionnaire to design your personal dating information. This may also lead to a very bad flaw, that is, the time required to register as a user on the site may be longer. But it also makes you able to have a very detailed elite dating profile. This may allow the system to find matching users who meet your criteria more accurately. The registration process for this site may be the longest between all similar elite dating apps. Because you need to answer nearly ten pages of questionnaires. Including your character, your appearance, your habit and your hobbies, and so on. Of course, every question has a rich answers for you to choose. The purpose of doing so is also to be able to learn more about your dating needs, so as to help you find the perfect elites dating object.

Intelligent elite matching

This site is different from other websites, and it doesn't require you to browse every user's data manually. This will greatly shorten your forehead search time. With its exact calculation and matching method, it always matches you for your favorite date, according to your detailed personal configuration file.

Of course, you can also manually search for elite dates partners you're interested. Its background system will match you again with your search criteria according to your search criteria.




In view of the above theory, it is a good choice for those singles seeking real elite dating relationships. The site can help you find the matches you're interested in with its unique matching capabilities, such as a detailed registration questionnaire. You can choose a membership system that suits you according to your needs. You can even become a free member first, if you want to try this site before you become a paid member.

Admittedly, it is not a casual dating and hooking up website. Most of the members are elite singles seeking serious relationships. If you belong to a group of such elite singles, or you want to date a group of such elite singles, then this website is definitely your best choice.

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